Fulfilling custom orders is great fun and extremely satisfying work! ...However, customs do require more planning and mental energy than self-prescribed production.

 I've set the following perimeters regarding custom work: 

1) All custom orders require a $25 deposit. The deposit will secure your order position within a queue of custom work I am currently fulfilling. This amount will be applied to the final cost of your order. I will not accept custom work in any lesser amount, sorry.  

2) I will accept 8 custom orders, on average, per month. To reserve one of these orders, make a purchase from the product page (the one designated as  "Custom Order"). After your purchase, I will discover your preferred mode of communication, and work quickly to collaborate your product specifications, final cost estimations, and completion dates. Although I am capping orders at 8 per month, you may order multiples, combinations of items, or matching gift sets of items within one custom order.

Consultation and Custom Work Price Guide

Design: Special Projects Planning, Product Engineering, Lettering and Drawing Layouts, Event Specific Preparations, etc.).....     $25 per hour

 Labor: Cutting, sewing, floral, arranging, hand-lettering signage, working/staffing an event, etc.....        $20 per hour